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8 weeks Train like a Champ
Mondays 18.00 hrs
Wednesday 7.00 hrs.
Friday 8.00 hrs.
Saturday 9.00 hrs
Number of participants: 14

Tuesdays 17,00 hrs
Thursdays 17.00 hrs
Saturday 11.00 hrs .
Number of participants: 14

Boxing Club Youth Quarterly Subscription

Monday 16.00-17.00
Wednesday 16.00-17.00
Friday 16.00-17.00

Subscription Product

Once you subscribe, we will place a new order with this product every 3 months. You will be automatically charged kr 1 200.00 every third month. You can easily manage your subscription or cancel it anytime with no additional charges.

Champion Mindset Boxing Club Youth
Jan 2022 to March 2022

Teaching youth how to compete creates ambition of being better in every field. How to respect their nutrition and have consistency being better than the day before.

Tuesday, Thursday 17.00 hrs , Saturday 12.00 hrs. 3 x a week

One to One Training

Ashira Oure
Michael Reim
Allan Ashira
Esonga Ashira
Freddy Ashira
Frederick Oxholm
Oliver Isaksen

Company Boxing PWC

Team 1

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